And so the sustaining of a Crescendo is now over with. The server now becomes a private "private server" for only those that cared (yes, it is being carried on elsewhere)..

For all others, the chance was lost. In life, you only get one chance. With a server that aspired to be a permanent existence, there will be no other.

Paradise lost.

---Hisame, Crescendo-RO's Administrator

P.S.: My apologies to anyone that was let down by this. To those that played and enjoyed Crescendo, thank you for spending time with us and I hope you have pleasant memories -- as this is what is truly important.
Unfortunately, it is time to let go. I'm sorry. If you're upset, feel free to e-mail I take full responsibility.

To the following, thank you for the best wishes and support with this decision: Freakin Hot, Indigo Red, Radical Dreamers, Amicitia, Nova, and anyone not in guilds that sent in their support. As for my notes to anyone that wants to run their own server... please read.

Translation: The community created this server and the community ended this server. The chance came and went much like the seasons.

Cherish the moment.

---Hayami, some other person